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Railcar Services

Texarkana is a major east-west and north-south rail hub, with numerous rail lines converging here as well as over 125 trains passing through the community each day. The Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR)Kansas City Southern (KCS)Texas Northeastern (TNER), and TexAmericas Center Rail (TACR) efficiently serves the TexAmericas Center campus as well as the overall Texarkana market.

The UPRR has the largest Class I railroad presence in the Texarkana area with five rail corridors and an active switch yard centrally located in Texarkana. UPRR’s railyard has a maximum capacity of 750 cars. The UPRR connects to the adjacent Red River Army Depot facility, from the south, as well as the TexAmericas Center (TAC) East Campus. The rail line to the north of the TexAmericas Center’s Central and East Campus’ is operated by the Texas Northeastern Railroad (TNER, a Genesee & Wyoming company). The TNER interchanges with the East Campus at the Hooks Junction and the Central Campus at the Red River Defense Junction. With over 30 miles of rail, a transload area as well as an on-site railyard, we have the capability and capacity to meet your future cargo, transload, and/or storage needs.

TexAmericas Center can fully meet the needs of our customers. We are proud to offer our customers railcar storage, transload capability, switching, as well as freight movement services. TACR is an experienced rail service provider that offers flexible terms, competitive rates, and uncompromising service.

Using TACR as your rail service provider affords many benefits, including:

  • TACR ownership of on-site locomotives for service delivery
  • Can Do Service Delivery
  • On-site railroad freight delivery
  • Efficient Transload capabilities
  • Enhanced logistical efficiency
  • Cost-effective storage options
  • Storage potential of up to 1200 railcars including a 350-car classification yard
  • Interchange with UPRR, a Class 1 railroad, with seven day a week service through the TNER

Contact us today to learn more about our railcar storage, switching, transload and freight movement solutions.