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Transload Services

Rail is considered the most cost-effective way to ship for many industries, but rail logistics is complex and can often require more than one mode of transportation to get a shipment to its final destination.

TexAmericas Center can make rail shipping easier for you.  TAC owns over 36 miles of rail and is proud to offer a 12-car transload facility as a value-added service to eliminate bottlenecks and lower costs in your supply chain.  The current facility on TexAmericas Center’s campus is operated by Spring Creek Enterprises and is ideal for dry bulk, dimensional, wet bulk, food grade, and warehouse commodity transfer.  TAC also provides rail car storage and 24/7 switching and movement services.

Some of the key benefits of transload include:

  • Eliminating investment in track, warehousing, and transloading equipment
  • Reducing personnel costs
  • Reducing per mile costs
  • Reducing your truck shipping miles
  • Increasing your market reach by shipping more while spending less
  • Increasing efficiencies by shipping across borders seamlessly
  • Reducing errors and costs by relying on shipping experts
  • Adapting as your business grows

TexAmericas Center’s transload capabilities feature full access to rail for products including metals, timber, building materials, sand, aggregate, pipe, liquids, gasses, merchandise, plastics, pulp and paper, and a host of other commodities. There is ample room for storage and to transfer products to or from the rail, a lay down yard, or at existing cross-dock warehouses.

When leveraged with TAC’s 3PL services, value-added transload services can also be provided.